How to get real Instagram followers?


Social media had caused great impacts on all of our lives. It is one of the greatest marketing tools of all time. The impact and influence that social media holds over the decision-making of all of us are truly commendable. 

According to a study, more than 80% of the accounts on Instagram are business related. That is how strong the competition is everywhere. If you thought it is easy to sell goods and products on Instagram, then you are highly mistaken, selling things off industrial is a very slow and patient process. 

Since there is so much competition, there are a lot of times that things do get very monotonous as there is no uniqueness left in a certain product. Maintaining uniqueness on social media can be very daunting. And if you want to survive in the game then you have to take up this task. 

Are the number of followers important for Instagram?

The number of followers you have on your Instagram page is very important. However, having real followers is more important. There is no point in buying fake followers just to increase your followers. The new algorithm of Instagram clarifies that henceforth, they are not interested in knowing how many followers a person has. What matters to Instagram from now is the number of interactions that have taken place on your account. Therefore, the number of followers you have makes a huge difference only if they are real people and not fake bought from any website. 

How to get real Instagram followers?

Attracting real Instagram users is tough, but it is not impossible. You can do it with ease. Though this is a very lengthy process and needs a lot of time. Setting up a base on Instagram where there is already a lot of competition, will need some time, patience, and a little smartness. Here are a few points which will help you in getting real Instagram followers for a very cheaper price. 

  1. Maintain your schedule:

Always make sure that you are posting timely updates. Do not miss yours scheduled posting time or date. It helps in building up the attention of any other user.

  1. Insta stories:

One blessing in disguise that a lot of small vendors have received is Insta stories. You can post as many insta stories as you want. These stories are there on your Instagram official page for the next 24 hrs. and you can delete them anytime you feel like. 

  1. Hashtags:

A hashtag is the best friend of a person who is looking forward to increasing his reach. It helps one a lot. 

Never forget to attach proper hang tags for appropriate e pictures. The more hashtags you use, the better it hits for your visibility as our picture will be there each time a stunted any familiar letter. 

You can use these simple tricks to stop maintaining your instream account from the start. Starting a new business on Instagram may seem a bit too overwhelming, but keep the above things in mind and there will be good days.