How the game is played: Difference between online and Live poker


While thinking about online poker at evodomino, you might believe that poker is just poker. But that is not the case when you start comparing the online and live poker versions.  If you live in an area where finding poker or casino is very easy, you already know how they are different; the two-game styles.

If you are the type who has played a lot of live pokers and you want to try out online poker, you have to remember that there are fundamental differences that you will need to adhere to. And if you are the type who has been playing online poker and want to try out live poker, it is also essential to understand the difference.

Poker tends to be poker with the rules not changing whether you are playing live or online. But there are some more delicate subtleties and nuances that might be a bit different. One of the main differences between live and online poker is how the game is played.

How the game is played

The set up tends to be the same, same to the rules as they don’t just change because you have shifted the platform from live to online and vice versa. What will change is the game flow. The change is drastic.

If you have grown accustomed to the online poker speed, you might get a culture shock when you go playing at a live poker table for the first time. While most of the online cash tables can have anywhere between 50 hands to 100 hands in one hour, you will see just about 25 hands on a live table.

What that means is that the game pace is slower at a live poker table. Between having to deal the cards and the dealer physically, and the player having a lot of time to think, hands can take up to 5 minutes to 7 minutes to be able to complete, whereas, for the online space, you can take two hands to 3 hands dealt in a minute.

With a live game, you will require a lot of patience for dealing, as there is a lot of downtime between the hands, especially if you folded early. You will notice that some of the strategies you utilize online might not yield the same results at a live casino.

Additionally, the players might be looking out to gamble up more when at a live poker table. Most of the time, you will get people on vacation, the tourists, or people who generally don’t make it a casino frequently in a live poker room.

When it comes to this type of player, they are the type who want to get the most out of their money.  If they can play for a few hours, they take several chances and play loosely because they don’t want to spend the time-limited at the table, just having to fold their hands. So you have to be on the watch.