How Much Are You Likely to Spend on Shipping a Car Across the Country?  


Car shipping is a herculean task. If you are planning to move across the country, then you already have many things to take into consideration. The car transportation is one of them and it is a big one. The cost will depend primarily on the distance that you are planning to cover, but there are other factors at play too, which will be covered in this article. 

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Shipping a car across the country

There are different modes of shipping the car across the country. 

The following are your choices:

  1. By a truck– this is by far the most common mode of shipping a car or any other vehicle. This is generally less expensive and it offers the benefit of delivering the vehicle to your door. The trucks come in two varieties, the first those which are covered i.e., they provide a protected mode of transport. The other option is un-covered i.e., relatively cheap and open-air trucks. 
  2. By rail– rails are faster mode of transporting the vehicle and they are safer than trucks. However, this privilege comes with an additional cost. 
  3. By boat– all the imported vehicles come by boat. If you are transporting the vehicle abroad, then naturally the vehicle will be on a sea journey on a boat. 
  4. By air– this is the most expensive method to transport the vehicle from one place to another. Being the most expensive, it is also the fastest and safest way of transporting your vehicle. 

Cost of shipping cars across the country 

The cost of shipping will be governed by multiple factors. The type of transport that you choose, the time of the year and the location play a major role in determining the cost. If you want to get a rough estimation of the amount that you will likely be paying, then count the number of miles that you are travelling. 

This distance should be multiplied by the average cost per mile. The average cost changes from distance to distance. For instance, the average cost for 500 miles is 1 dollar per mile but the average cost in 1000 miles drops to .75 dollars per mile. Thus, as stated earlier, the cost decreases with an increase in distance.


The shipping method that you choose and the distance required to be travelled play a core role in determining the cost of your car shipping.