Help your elders fight rheumatism 


Rheumatism is painful disease. It is estimated that almost 10% of Dutch people are suffering with it. Many people think rheumatism is just another name for joint pain but that is not the case. It is a term given to about 200 complex diseases. However, all types of rheumatism have one thing in common, the pain in joints, muscles and skeletons. The true cause of rheumatism still remains an enigma.

Different types of rheumatism

There are about 200 types of rheumatism but the most common types are discussed here:

  • Inflammatory rheumatism – the major characteristic of this type is inflammation in the joints due to infection. The most common inflammatory rheumatism is rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is found majorly in women. It causes inflammation in the joints. There are also system diseases which causes inflammation even in organs of the body like kidney, liver, etc. inflammatory rheumatism must be cured as soon as possible otherwise patient will keep experiencing excruciating pain.
  • Osteoarthritis –This condition arises when the cartilage between bones gets deteriorated to an extent that different bones can come into contact with each other. These bones then rub against each other and cause inflammation and pain.
  • Soft tissue rheumatism – as the name suggests, people suffering from this type of rheumatism are suffering from soft tissue and experience pain in muscles, tendons, etc. 
  • Acute rheumatism – caused by an external agent. It is developed inside in an individual as an infection when they come in contact with a bacterium called streptococcal bacterium.

Who are prone to rheumatism?

Anyone can get rheumatism. It does not depend on your age, gender or other factors. These factors only affect the type of rheumatism and not to that much extent.

Various treatment methods

There is not much to do about to prevent yourself from getting rheumatism. But once you get the disease, you can consult your rheumatologist to help you fight the disease. The treatment is different for every individual. But there are lots of medicines and therapies available to treat it.

People of Marcel van Hooijdonk who are fighting against the disease 

There are also people like Marcel Van Hoojidonk who are fighting against the disease. You can join them in the cause of creating a rheumatism free world. All you have to do is just visit their page and make a donation. They are trying their best to provide the best facilities available to the people suffering with disease. If you donate here, you are supporting a great cause. If someone from your family gets the disease, you can take them to their center for best treatment. For more information :