Fishing Trip For My Nephew’s 21st Birthday 


My nephew’s 21st birthday was coming up and my brother and I were trying to figure out what we could do with him to celebrate. We didn’t want to be boring and just take him out to a bar and get him toasty. So we had to put our thinking caps on. 

We all really enjoyed fly fishing, so we came up with the idea to take a long weekend trip. That way it would be more of an experience for him and he’d gain a really nice memory. It beat doing something that he probably wouldn’t remember. 

My brother was the only one who had his own fly fishing gear, and I usually just rented mine. I hadn’t fully committed to getting my own stuff, but I figured there was no time like the present. So I spoke to my brother to see who he recommended and he suggested I visit Trouts Fly Fishing website to get myself the basics. 

I really enjoyed browsing on their website. I didn’t expect them to have as many products or resources available as they had. It was so awesome. 

In the midst of looking at everything, I considered getting my nephew some of his own gear as a birthday gift. I decided to check with my brother so he wouldn’t be mad at me. 

I spoke with my brother, who was on board with my idea, but only on one condition; I had to allow him to split the cost. It wasn’t a cheap venture to get started on, so he got no argument from me. 

When the day came, my brother and I loaded the vehicle early in the morning before my nephew was awake. He knew we were taking this fishing trip for his birthday, but he had no idea that we bought him his own fly fishing gear. 

Needless to say, when we reached our destination, he was very pleasantly surprised. He couldn’t believe that we got him the equipment and took him on this trip too. He was super appreciative of it, which I haven’t seen often from kids his age. 

We had a great trip, and we let him have a couple of beers at the end of each night. We told him it was for his own good, so he wouldn’t feel like garbage or forget any part of the trip. He was grateful for that too. 

I’m really happy that my brother introduced me to Trouts Fly Fishing. I’ve had a great experience with them. I highly recommend the company to anyone who enjoys fly fishing.