Do You Feel Unhappy About The Sexual Experiences In Your Life? Read To Know About The Solution


Tantric massage is an ancient and mystical thing they have been a way of life and practiced for centuries in India and different Asian countries. The twist with this massage is that it is unlike another massage where you cannot enjoy sensuality in massage. In this, you can enjoy the massage on the private parts without holding expectations. You can surrender to the gentle touch of your therapist and let go of everything.

The difference between western massage and tantric massage is that in western massage whole body cannot be touched, whereas in the tantric, one whole body can be touched and the sexual energy is channeled and released into the whole body.


Can it be performed by anyone?

If you think about the practice of tantric massage, even though it’s a true technique and the followers take years to master this art, but you can learn how to perform it with your partner very easily, especially if you are guided by a therapist.

The session usually starts with breathing exercises and then generally reaches the level where the energy is synchronized. Then session gets to touching the male and female sexual organs and getting the sense of sensual massage.

Best for treatment

In the language of tantric massage male sexual organ is known as a lingam, and the female is called yoni. In this form of massage, you necessarily do not have to reach the level of orgasm, but if you do reach the level of orgasm in it is welcomed, and as these massages are basically to remove or unblock any tension that is blocking your performance sexually. The orgasm is perfectly normalized in the session, but your approach towards each session should be without expectations or rules if you want a successful treatment.

The setting up of a perfect atmosphere is highly recommended in every form of massages, such as setting up candles and oils and essential essence. You can also pair it with soft music and any soft fabric or flower petals, whichever suits your mood. In each session, the receiver is brought to sexual state arousal and then back a number of times in order to teach them how to control themselves and surrender to the enjoyment of being touched.

Would It help?

The general question that would arise in everyone’s mind right now is that how would it be helpful or will it really work out? But the feelings that you get to experience while tantric massage sessions are difficult to explain as these are intense feelings. It has a creative interpretation for every person. It extends beyond the mental and bodily pleasures. The feeling is heightened in every part of your body, and from an erotic state, it takes you to a relaxed state.

It is one of the best experiences ever, and various sorts of materials are introduced, such as feathers music unscented oils. To hi turn off the sensations and increase the uniqueness of every experience.

Massages are a great way to cope with tension, and mental pressure is a well-known fact, but when you get a massage for your full entire body, it takes you to an extreme level of spirituality, loves coma self-worth, confidence, and many more. It will change the way you think forever and transform you into a different person.



With the help of tantric massage, you can get a lot of benefits to book yours today at massage mayfair and get one of the best experiences in tantric massage. Everything seems doubtful full in the beginning but gradually play when you try it and trust the process you can benefit from it.