7 Ways To Decorate With Black Framed Mirrors

Home Improvement

Black is the new it color when is comes to decorating. This forever classic, and timeless color is not only a neutral that goes with any decor and coordinates with any color, it never goes out of style. Currently decorating with black is everywhere from total room design to a touch or two by adding accessories to update a room. The take away for incorporating black into your decor is make it comfortable and welcoming. Accessories, like mirrors, create the perfect fashionable and functional accessories to update your living space. Here are 5 ways to decorate with black framed mirrors.

  1. Enlarge The Look of A Small Room: Mirrors are not only beautiful, strategically placed, they create the illusion that a room is larger than it is. Place a black framed mirror behind a favorite piece of furniture or next to a window and it will reflect the light creating dimension and visually enlarging the size of the room.
  2. Create a Wall Grouping: Create an on trend focal point in any room by hanging a variety of mirrors together. Use ablack framed mirroras the center attraction and hang an odd number of different sized and shaped mirrors around it. Stagger the sizes, shapes and colors for visual and artistic appeal.
  3. Elevate a Bathroom: Mirrors reflect the light beautifully and black framed mirrors, almost become furniture and hung over a sink or bath tub will instantly elevate the look of the room. Update a frameless mirror by adding MirrorMateframes or adorn with seasonal foliage and greenery for a touch of artistic flair.
  4. Update a Dining Room Table: Mirrors double as creative on trend centerpieces. Lay a single mirror flat in the center of a table, add multiple vases filled with seasonal flowers to instantly update a dining room. Or line multiple black framed mirrors down the center of a table and display simple candles on each for an eye-catching centerpiece.
  5. Add Height to A Fireplace: Set one large black framed mirror on a mantle above a fireplace to add height and depth to a room. Arrange multiple mirrors beside and inside the hearth to add visual appeal.
  6. Transform A Bed’s Headboard: The fastest and easiest way to update a bedroom is to change the head board. Hang a black framed mirror or grouping of multiple geometrically shaped mirrors above a bed to create an on trend contemporary headboard.
  7. Fill A Book Shelf With Mirrors: Add color, height and style to book shelves by adding black framed mirrorsin between and on top of stacks of books and other favorite collectibles.