5 Ways To Decorate With Brick Veneer

Home Improvement

Giving your home a makeover is almost as fun as building a new house — and probably costs much less. Adding texture to your walls is a great way to create a new look in any room. Brick veneers are created by either manufacturing small bricks to begin with or cutting regular-sized bricks into thinner slices. The benefit of a veneer is that it can easily be added to a wall without the density and weight of normal-sized bricks. Here are five ways to use masonry as an interesting texture throughout your home. 

1. Entry

The walk leading up to your front door is the perfect place to use brick. You can use a diagonal herringbone pattern or a more traditional basketweave or running bond pattern. The choices are exciting to look through and imagine on your front walk. You can also add a masonry area on the floor or wall inside your front door. Both inside and outside options will add an elegant feel to your entry. 

2. Kitchen

Add a backsplash in your kitchen that goes above your countertops to the bottom of your upper cabinets. The walls behind your stove or sink are good options. You might also consider adding brick from floor to ceiling in the alcove around your dining table. It will add warmth and a homey feeling to any kitchen. 

3. Bedroom

Using antique bricks that have been thinned with brick cutting services, you can add a touch of class to your Master bedroom. The color selections are quite varied, so you can choose the mood you would like. The accent wall can remain the natural color or be painted. For example, in a girl’s bedroom, the texture of an antique brick that is painted white is delightful. In a guest bedroom, a veneer in a warm tone at the foot of the bed can be warm and welcoming.

4. Library

Imagine an English cottage with dark leather chairs and books from floor to ceiling. Don’t you feel relaxed just thinking about it? You can create that ambiance by adding some dark brick to one of the walls in your library or home office. 

5. Fireplace

Perhaps you have a fireplace that is pretty basic. It can become a featured focal point in your room by adding brick above and below the mantle. 

Now, where do you begin? Decide one or two areas that you would like to add brick, and then get started. Enjoy your new look!